Saturday, 8 October 2016

Jewellery & Me...

I’m a huge jewellery fan, and my fingers are often filled with rings and my ears adorned with jeweled studs. I love looking at others jewellery and often comment on the rings they wear or necklaces layered with an outfit. Whether it’s a simple chain with a small tag or sparkling diamond or more bohemian looking pieces the jewellery you wear gives away a lot about your personality and style.
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I don’t tend to change my jewellery to match an outfit when it comes to my watch and rings, but I will mix up the style of necklace based on what I’m wearing. I sometimes wear glasses rather than my contacts and find big statement necklaces can make me feel a bit too bulky. This is when I’d go for a thin chain or delicate long pendant. Over the years I’ve invested in some more expensive jewellery and have been given some beautiful rings for special birthdays and passed some family pieces that I will cherish.
If I ever get married, I like to think my fiance will pick out something suited to my style and personality. I want something a little different from the standard square cut, on a white gold band. I always thought I’d wear something that was antique and perhaps held my birthstone Topaz or another precious gem. Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE looking at beautiful sparkling diamonds and have spent ages perusing the websites of jewelers like Ascot Diamonds. The classic cuts, and simple designs are beautiful and I suppose a purchase in the shop would mean a trip to New York so that’s fine by me! It’s nice to par things down and wear some delicate items that are simple and classy. For a very special occasion I would love to wear some very fine diamond rings and necklaces where it’s almost like the gems are floating and the overall look is beautifully classic.
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I do own a lot of costume jewellery and wear on certain occasions where I want to add a little drama to an all black outfit. They always grab attention and I was picking up a coffee the other morning and the guy serving me commented on my jewellery.
I have a lot of piercings, with five in one ear, three in the other and my nose pierced. Keeping things simple I tend to wear small studs in my ears and a stud, or sometimes small loop in my nose. I think a lot has changed with how people are perceived with piercings with even Liberty having a Maria Tash studio in store. It seems to be more noticeable if someone only has one hole in their ears these days!


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