Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Better Baking

So, I've got better at baking. Who knew eh! After years of cakes harder than a brick, icing runnier than water and brownies that were more black than brown, by Jove I think I've got it! And it's all thanks to getting the right equipment you see.
I asked for a food mixer for my birthday last year. Whilst a Kitchen Aid was in my sights, I had to get realistic and went for a more within budget option (but still as pretty) Breville Pistachio Stand Mixer. It's a great value mixer, that comes with dough hooks, beaters and a handy little recipe book.
 photo IMG_4581_zpszww9ocpk.jpg  photo FullSizeRender 3_zps2wy93yi6.jpg
My tips for keeping it simple. Start small - practice your basic mixes and for gods sake get some scales. I was trying to use cups and things, and it just doesn't work. Baking is science. Cooking you can lob in anything and balance it out, baking, no no no. Too much flour, knackered, forget the baking powder, trouble brewing. Don't try and substitute ingredients, I made that mistake with using butter spread rather than proper butter. Shortbread slid off the baking tray into the bin. Bake things you'd like to eat and give them a go. I don't like ginger in baked goods, so why would I cook with it? (love it in savoury, just not in biscuits and cakes) I prefer savoury so breads and buns have been my love. Google recipes or look to some fab blogs for inspiration. My favourites are Rachel Khoo, The Mother Cooker and Jamie Oliver and I always pick up Tesco magazine as the recipes in there are easy to follow and turn out pretty well.  photo IMG_7550_zpspz6c7hnx.jpg  photo IMG_7111_zpsw8nnb4gs.jpg


  1. Wow, your bakes look amazing! Definitely agree with not substituting ingredients - baking is definitely not an area where you can improvise. I'm so impatient so I think that is to blame for my baking not being very good...x

  2. I am very much an experimenter with baking, I'll try adding any new flavours!

    Maria xxx


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