Sunday, 29 November 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful #5

As I sit in my kitchen typing this, I can smell oranges with cloves drying in the oven. That's a reason to be cheerful right there. December is fast approaching and that means Christmas. I love all seasons on their own merit, but Christmas is such a wonderful way to spend time eating, drinking and be very merry! I made my own garland (easy tutorial here!) and wreath last year, and plan to do the same this year. Sure I could buy them, but it's so satisfying making them - apart from getting lots of cuts from the holly cuttings. When it comes to winter I start to become such a homebody, I've been baking crazy since getting my new mixer and these Swedish Bulle were a success (my banana loaf that turned into a banana brownie slop, not so much) Anyone else struggle with sweet baking? My savoury skills are definitely stronger. Perhaps because I enjoy eating that more.
 photo IMG_4581_zpsf96lfr1z.jpg
The last month has been a bit hectic, work is busy and as I'm out the house from 7am till 7pm it's a long day. Although I am starting to get the hang of blogging and writing on the train - when I don't fall asleep that is. One great thing about the hour commute to work is I can read more. I used to be a bit of a bookworm, so for my birthday I got The Axeman's Jazz by Ray Celestin and The Girl on the Train to help get me back into reading. So far, so good, The Axeman's Jazz is a great read and easy to pick back up come the end of a day. I've also been busy running around creating some pretty hairstyles for brides to be. I went back to the West Country a few weekends ago, and tried out this style for a 2016 bride.
 photo IMG_4562_zpsq12bjzvr.jpg
Felt very proud of Tom on Monday, as his band The Passion Bearers had their debut gig. Was great to see him on stage singing, and if you are a fan of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, you'll like The Passion Bearers. They have a great sound, and are a bunch of very talented musicians. Let me know what you think!
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You can keep up to date on what's making me a cheerful chappy on my Instagram. Oh, and don't forget I'm running some amazing #FreebieFriday giveaways on my Twitter and plenty more reasons to make my readers cheerful coming this week.


  1. Christmas is definitely my favourite time of year to bake! I love the bridal hair style too :)

    Caz | thisiscaz

    1. Thank you :)
      Definitely find I bake more around this time of year - hibernation mode perhaps. Haha!


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