Sunday, 23 August 2015

Have you Tried Hair Plopping?

I had to double check this press release when it appeared. Hair PLOPPING? But it really does do what it says on the, uh, subject box! You 'plop' your hair in a towel, leave to dry and you should be left with gorgeous natural curls when you shake your hair free. Too good to be true? I've given plopping a go to find out...
 photo boucleme klghair_zps3rrhcic4.jpg
Boucleme have designed a towel that is perfect for hair plopping, specifically designed to enhance and enable your natural hair and curl to form. The Organic Curl Towel* (£19.00) made from a mixture of cotton, bamboo and elasthene, absorbs excess moisture whilst keeping the curl hydrated.
They even have a handy step-by-step guide to Hair Plopping (it doesn't sound better the more you say it, still odd) This little YouTube video should help to explain how to plop (sorry!)

My hair has a natural wave to it, but I find if I leave my hair damp and down, it'll dry looking a little flat and lank. By using the Curl Towel, I found it not only keeps my hair out of my face, but once dry (I leave wrapped up overnight) it leaves my hair curly, but with a bounce. It's not the most defined curl for me, but for a heat free way to get textured hair, it's brilliant. I've been able to spray some product through my hair and it's good to go - handy when it's hot and you really don't want to blast a hairdryer or use tongs. For those who have really curly natural hair, I'd recommend giving plopping a go, it's a kinder way to treat hair. It's a low maintenance way to define curls with no damage to hair.

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