Monday, 8 June 2015

Keeping Hair healthy

There are products we can use, and supplements we can take, but essentially looking after yourself by healthy living and diet can really be the best 'treatment' possible. If you notice your hair looking a little lacklustre, or perhaps you are shedding more hair than normal, it's worth looking at your lifestyle before grabbing the nearest quick fix.
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Drinking water really is something you should make sure is an important part of your daily routine. I have a big bottle of water with me during the day at work, and make a real effort to drink as much as possible. I notice after a couple of days if I've been slacking on the water slurping, my skin and hair are the first things to show signs of dehydration.
If you smoke, you may start to notice your hair is thinning, or looks dull. Smoking constricts blood vessels, restricting oxygen. Your scalp and hair follicles will suffer and it can even make your hair go grey. The toxins in cigarettes damage not only hormones but hair follicles to. If you are trying to give up, using an electronic cigarette could help whilst you try and kick the habit. Also, how many of you that smoke have caught your hair or eyelashes on fire at one point?! (I know as a naughty social smoker years back I did this a few times)
Getting a good nights sleep not only does wonders for your overall wellbeing but can really help your skin and hair stay healthy. If the body feels under attack, or like it isn't getting the rest it needs to recover (in the deepest stages of sleep you produce the most of the human growth hormone - crucial to hair and skin repair)
How do you make sure you keep your hair feeling and looking healthy?

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