Friday, 8 May 2015

Hair Envy: Suki Waterhouse

Okay, so it's not just the hair I'm envious of. Suki Waterhouse is a complete babe. Her hair has the perfect shaggy look, and don't even start me on the fringe. It's the photo I've shown many a stylist not just for the cut, but the colour also - I won't give up the search for someone who can help me. The closest I got was after a style up Mahogany Hairdressing.  photo newhair_zpss3d1lgvr.jpg
A messy up do or worn loose, it always looks great. This is definitely the summer colour I want, soft and natural - it just glows! It just has that texture I love, with tousled waves and the grown out, long fringe.
 photo suki klghair_zpsbroeko8v.jpg  photo suki waterhouse hair up klghair_zpsywmikcoq.jpg Recently, Suki was reported to have said that Coca Cola is what gives her hair that great textured look. She admitted to washing her hair in the sugary drink to get rid of that freshly washed, limp look. I'd imagine the sugar has a similar effect to using a salt spray to essentially 'coat' hair making it feel thicker and add more body. You'd definitely need a cleansing shampoo after that though! Along with some help from Bumble and bumble & Oribe - what else eh? So I'm off to pick up some Coca Cola and see if I can achieve the Suki Waterhouse look, Bradley Cooper an optional extra...

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  1. I don't know who she is, I'm afraid but you and your hair look fabulous. x


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