Sunday, 5 April 2015

Life: Devon, Dogs and Delicious Treats

Tom and I are back in our little cottage having spent the last few days eating, drinking and being very merry in Devon. My dad lives around East Devon so a visit means we also get a mini holiday. Much needed after an incredibly busy start to the year.
First up, I did some baking. Now, I'm notoriously crap at baking, cooking I can do fine and have had many a savoury dish praised, baking cakes however has been a bit hit and miss. Following a recipe I found in Tesco Magazine for Cinnamon Buns, I thought I'd try again. And success! Maybe I was ultra determined so I'd have something to eat apart from the evil bastards that are Hot Cross Buns. They were tasty! and didn't last long at all.
We went to Seaton beach and the sun even shone for a bit whilst we walked Millie, the Great Dane. Who is lovely, but incredibly silly. Apart from that, it was a time to chill and sleep lots. Oh we did manage to squeeze in a trip to Mansons Guitar in Exeter, a must for anyone who loves music, and plays guitar. Tom even got to try out one of the custom built electric guitars. Matt Bellamy from Muse gets his guitars from there, so you know it's good. The staff were really friendly and knew their stuff - even as someone who doesn't really play it was still a great place to go.

If you are visiting the area, I have to recommend one place to eat, the Hare & Hounds, near Honiton is the best carvery you'll ever eat. Ever. But a word of warning, book in advance, it's gets busy. This was Tom's plate. Yes that is six mini sausages.  


  1. This looks lovely, what a relaxed weekend!

    Maria xxx

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