Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Easy Summer Hair Care

Now that we are seeing some more sun (Sorry, I don't want to jinx it, but so lovely!) I thought it was time to give some summer hair care advice, I'm always asked about how to look after hair during the winter months, but when it comes to summer it's very important to keep up the routine. Just add a few adjustments to suit your lifestyle and your are ready for summer sun (keeping those fingers crossed!)
Don't forget to keep up with regular pamper sessions. Your hair can become dry when exposed to heat and even more so if you colour (the process can reduce your natural protection against humidity) If you are sunbathing, cover your hair in a conditioning mask, then wrap up in a scarf or wear a hat. By the evening your hair will be super conditioned and moisturised. When you are out in the heat and sun, use a heat protectant spray that protects from UV rays. This new one from Bed Head TIGI has been tested in Miami and contains UV filters, and Pink Grapefruit extract (known for its anti-oxidant properties) not only that, but it smells a bit lovely too! Perfect protection for hair.
Avoid damaging hair if you are tying it up when damp by using these bobbles from Leo Bancroft, they won't snag or break hair and work really well with curly hair. I love using them to quickly get my damp hair out of my face when I'm doing my make up after showering, so know they'll be ideal for holidays and summer days. Make sure you use a wide tooth comb to get rid of knots and tangles, and look for a leave in conditioner - I love using them during summer especially as it's a great way of getting a little extra condition without leaving hair lank.
And don't forget with using any styling products, or having sea salt or chlorine in your hair, you'll need to cleanse using a shampoo and conditioner. Look out for a shampoo that is gentle to cleanse, followed by a light conditioner to avoid weighing hair down. Try air drying hair to avoid unnecessary heat - twists and braids are a great idea to give you another look once the hair is dry.

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  1. I am a massive fan of Boots Almond and coconut conditioner, it smells amazing and leaves my hair so soft!

    Maria xxx


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