Wednesday, 4 March 2015

No Fuss Fingerwaves

I love 1920's and 1930's hair and fingerwaves are a great way to capture an era perfectly. Instantly recognisable and a great party style that stays put, they can be quite difficult to get the hang of but worry not! I have an easy little cheat from Patrick Cameron that'll help you get the look whilst you put your make up on. I decided to fingerwave the upper half of my hair, and then backcomb the lengths to create a faux bob style with a modern finish. It 'undoes' the glamour of the style I think.
These clips come in two different sizes, large which are 12cms (£8) and small 8cms (£7) and are ideal for anyone wanting to fingerwave. I loved learning how to fingerwave in college when studying for my NVQ Hairdressing levels, but admit it can be fiddly - these really help to hold the hair in place to set.
There will be a new tutorial for this look, and another on my YouTube channel this month, so if you have any questions regarding the style or want any advice, let me know below and I'll answer them. 


  1. I love wavey hair! These look great to use :) Rebecca | xx

  2. I love this look on you, perfectly undone!

    Maria xxx


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