Monday, 9 March 2015

Can the Lee Stafford Breaking Hair Range help your hair?

Lee Stafford and his popular hair care line have helped those who want their hair to grow, and those that struggle with volume. Now those little pink bottles are helping those with breaking, damaged and over-processed hair. The Breaking Hair range consists of six products (not pictured are the serum and leave-in treatment) that help from the moment you wash, to styling your hair.
I had my hair coloured late last year, after leaving it a long time, and I've noticed I need to take a little more care in order to keep the colour looking good, and the ends looking healthy. At times if I've been styling my hair more, I do notice the ends splitting and breaking - not cool. And my hair can be tangly after washing, causing more shedding. The leave in Detangling Spray is a much welcome product to the range, my friend Kristie (she of super long, coloured hair) has tried this out also and was very impressed at how it detangled her hair.
So, as I hoped, it's got the signature Lee Stafford scent. I love it! That kind of masculine scent that stays with the hair, I found when I used this with the Ddouble Blow Mousse (again LOVE that stuff) my hair smelt great. The conditioner, I used every other time I shampooed my hair. I do this with most conditioners as I find them to be quite heavy in general. Concentrating on the mid lengths and ends meant that it really helped to give my blonde panels of colour a lift and I've had a few compliments on the colour, and when people ask if you've had your hair done, I usually take that as a good sign!
I'd recommend the range if you use bleach, or colour hair regularly. As it contains Vitamins A & E, it helps hair stay looking healthy, and using the range together would definitely ensure hair has moisture, and shine. If you love styling your hair with lots of heat tools, then the hair treatment would be a great Sunday pamper, or overnight treat to help hair forgive your styling sins. The serum is a great finisher to really bring out colour, and I love adding a few drops into my hands and running through waves and curls to enhance the style.
You can pick up the Lee Stafford Breaking Hair range at Boots, prices range between £6.99-£10.99.

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