Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Hair Science #1 - Every Strand

Ever wondered just why your hair won't grow past a certain length? 
Or why it's curly? 
Or what it's made up of? 
Hopefully my new series of posts will help to answer some questions. As a self-confessed hair geek I love exploring the science of our hair, and really getting to the root (see what I did there) of what makes our hair, well, our hair.
First up, it's the structure. This is one of the first things I learnt (after A LOT) of health and safety, when I was training for my Hairdressing NVQ. Each strand of hair is made up of three primary layers, the cuticle - which most of you have heard of, the cortex, and the medulla.
The cuticle, this is the layer seen and the one most brands want to keep nice and flat with their products as it'll make the hair look shinier and healthier. It's made up of keratin, and when flat has an appearance of roof tiles, overlapping each other. Next up is the cortex, this is where the pigment granules (the colour) are. When you colour hair, dependent on what type of colourant you use, this is where the product will lie. Meaning that if your hair cuticle is rough and damaged, your hair will probably lose it's colour faster than someone with healthier hair. Finally, the medulla, this is the most inner part of the hair strand, and can differ in size from person to person. It's made up of cells that form the shaft of hair. Did you know medulla is the latin for marrow?


  1. Looking forward to this series - love learning new facts like this! x

  2. That makes me so happy as a complete hair geek Lily! :)


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