Thursday, 19 February 2015

Grey Matter

The groundbreaking news that emerged this morning shocked me to the very core. Kate Middleton exposed as having grey hair at 33. Alert the media! If you can call the paper in question that (atrocious dross would be an accurate description) who decided that the fact Kate Middleton has some grey hair, is worthy of front page news.
If Kate has grey roots, what's the big deal. Why does it matter if she has grey at 33 years of age? Is there a set age when it's socially acceptable to go grey? By picking up on something to do with Kate's hair is the media just fueling the pressure on us all to maintain a seemingly 'perfect image'. I've spoken before about the apparent guidelines given on style and what is deemed socially acceptable when it comes to colour and style with age.
The other argument is, perhaps as Kate is pregnant she has chosen not to colour her hair. Many mums-to-be wait it out, your hair can change and react to colour different when pregnant so why risk it? Maybe she just couldn't be bothered and was too busy to find time to carry out upkeep on her hair. Either way, Kate's hair, Kate's choice.
Articles circling grey roots aren't helpful, productive or news. They are spiteful, and unnecessary and taking advantage of the fact they know it will generate traffic to the site, or newspaper sales. Go read this very funny article on Buzzfeed for some more reaction to the 'breaking news' and let me know what you think below.

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