Sunday, 21 December 2014

Which Brush When?

I remember vividly getting one of my nan's round brushes tangled in my hair when I younger. There were big fat, salty tears from me, and lots of huffing and puffing from my mum - everytime I use one to blowdry it reminds me of this. Since then, I've picked up a lot of hairbrushes, and from round to paddle, cushioned to vent there are a lot out there! 
So which one is best for your hair? Here comes the advice...
So my nemesis, the Round (or Radial/Barrel) - great for shorter hair to give some volume, or fab for longer lengths to create soft loose waves. For short hair take small sections on the crown and blowdry up and out, curling under the brush. Hold the brush in the hair for a few seconds without the heat from the hairdryer to help the hair to set. You can get different sizes of round brush so depending on length, smaller for shorter, larger for longer. Then you've got the Paddle - probably the most popular brush. Mainly used on mid length to long hair, but is great for short thick hair. Smoothing the hairs cuticle creating great shine, hold hair on top of the brush and blow dry sections in a downward motion.
A quick dry tool is the Vent. Vented brushes let the air circulate through the hair and can be used to achieve great volume. Can be used on any length of hair - wouldn't recommend curly hair as it can result in a tangle disaster. Last, but by no means least, the Cushion, a cushioned head on a brush. Any girls that suffer with frizz or static, this is the brush for you. Helps smooth cuticles, and reduce static for a smooth, sleek finish. Usually you can get a brush above with a cushioned base (bar the vent)
Just don't get me started on combs, or styling tools, we'll be here all day...

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