Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Snip & Style at Seckingtons, Northampton

You know that whole 
'I'm growing my hair' & 'I want long hair' 
nonsense I've been spouting for the past few years. 
Yeh, well, that's out the window. 
I was fed up with nothing hair. No style, no colour (apart from some worn out ombre ends) and no interest. Being a hairstylist it's embarrassing when people clearly look at your hair when you tell them what you do - I know what they're thinking!
So off I went to Seckingtons in Northampton, with my phone stuffed full of pictures of possible restyles. I had decided to go shorter, and change my colour, I'd left it to grow out and hadn't coloured it full head in a very long time. And I'm so glad Seckingtons were the salon to help give me a restyle.
Walking into the salon I immediately felt at ease - greeted warmly and taken to a station to await Macey (Salon Manager and all round lovely human being and super colourist!) It was lovely to see a salon so busy and with a great atmosphere. I can't stand the overly sterile salons with weird dance music and attitude. I loved the mix of music being played at Seckingtons - including Alisha's Attic!!
Chatting with Macey, we decided on going a little darker than my natural colour all over, leaving the ends lighter and giving them a peachy warm tone for Winter. I've been dark before and because it was a flat all over colour it looked a little dull and really washed me out. By going for a warmer brown it meant my colour looks multi-tonal and has helped lift my skintone a bit and if anything made my eyes look darker - they are pretty much black already. The lighter ends are an ombre effect but a bit more grown up - it feels a little more sophisticated and tidy which is what I wanted.
Onto the cut, Johnny (Salon Owner and again, lovely human being) came over and we chatted hair. We discussed my natural wavy hair and the fact a fringe just won't stay together, and decided to work with nature gave me. The sign of a great hairstylist is honesty. Telling a client that a style won't suit or colour may not work and recommending something more suitable is the way to keep a salon busy with lots of happy customers.
To finish, Johnny used some gorgeous smelling styling products from Aveda - I was particularly impressed with the Pure Ambundance Spray (volumising) and Phomollient Foam (volumising and shine) but from start to finish I loved the products used from the Aveda range - including the hand creme used for my complimentary hand massage. I am thrilled with the colour and cut - slightly graduated to fall forward, it's shorter hair without the shock. And a change I'm very glad I made. I can wear it wavy or straight and it looks so shiny!
If you live near or in Northampton, I'd highly recommend Seckingtons. It's a really lovely salon and the staff are friendly and certainly know their stuff. It's great to see a real mix of ages coming into the salon and a mix of staff from stylists newly qualified to experienced and highly skilled senior members of staff. Prices and more info can be found on their website. 
*I had my hair cut & coloured FOC, in exchange for review. This is no way reflected in my opinions on the salon or final result

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