Thursday, 23 October 2014

Weatherproof Your Hair

Peeking out of a my bedroom window this morning, I knew it wasn't a day for poker straight smooth hair. This weather you need something that still looks good, even after battling the elements. Thought I'd share some easy-peasy weather proof styling - because drowned rat might be chic on the catwalk but looks pretty shite in real life.
Product Overload - go easy on the products. Sure, some can help hold style in a storm, but some will leave hair looking greasy. Personally, I hate the feel of hairspray when it gets rained on, some can go so slimy! I tend to use mousses and pre-styling creams, and texturising sprays a lot more in Winter, along with shine sprays. And of course dry shampoo, my favourite at the moment is the COLAB London.
Grab a Hat - Ooh I do love a cover up, when you've been rained on and windswept sometimes there is no recovering your do. I've got a few hats, bowlers to floppy, beanies to berets and they can really add something to an outfit, and cover up any hair emergencies.
Go with Nature - If you have naturally wavy hair, wear your hair wavy. It'll mean that even if the weather gets you, your style won't change too much. And always carry some hairgrips for a quick messy up do if things get a bit too wet and wild.

And don't forget your umbrella! 

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