Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Pearly Queen

Seeing Rita Ora and her amazing hair styling - courtesy of the talented Chris Appleton, got me thinking about accessories and how they can be used to create a simple look with a twist, or something more dramatic. Rita had a hairdo that even the most flamboyant of Pearly Queens would have thought 'maybe I should tone it down a touch' But it worked, and Chris created another great style for Rita to show off on the V Festival stage.
Pearls can really make a hairdo, and it isn't all lady of the manor, used in rows pearls can give a 'cornrow' effect and I think the style looked a little alien.Using different sizes of pearl and denim strips on the ponytail add dimension and even though pearls are seen as quite ladylike, added with denim it toughened the overall look up.
And also, how good are Ora's abs?? Jeeeez. 

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