Saturday, 16 August 2014

A Burger Blind Date at TGI Fridays

Thursday night I arrived for my blind date at TGI Fridays in Covent Garden looking like, well a drowned rat. The 'British Summer' had officially got me! I wasn't going to impress burger blind date looking like that, luckily for me I devoured my date so quickly the poor thing didn't stand a chance.
TGI Fridays came over all Cilla Black and gave me the choice of eight contestants, each with a tantalising pitch, there was no 'our Graham' to help me make my choice, but I was decided. Contestant number 1, I choose you. Offering me a spicy, ass-kicking hit of an Asian legend I was promised to be left sweating, panting and wanting more. Perfect blind date I'd say - if a little filthy!
Whilst waiting for my date to arrive, I dried off and enjoyed a Passionate Sunrise, a delicious mocktail offering. TGI Fridays do some very lovely cocktails but the smoothies, milkshakes and mocktails give us drivers and non-drinkers something a bit different from your typical 'soft' offerings.
 And then I saw him...
My heart pounded, I grabbed him and pulled him close. Luckily there was a TGI Fridays photographer ready to capture my #burgerface (check this hashtag on Twitter, great moments of lust at first sight!) It was the best blind date I'd ever had, and I left promising to see him again - different time, definitely same place!

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