Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Trip to Ibiza

Missed me? Apologies for the blog silence. After getting back from Glastonbury Festival, Tom and I didn't waste much time getting ready for our next adventure. We jumped on a plane and spent a week in Ibiza with friends. Renting out a gorgeous (huge) villa, it was a week of partying, relaxation and far too many Bloody Mary's.

It was my first trip to the island, and I didn't really know what to expect. I'd heard about it being expensive, full of typical 'Brits abroad' and that there was a lot of beautiful places to see, so it was a mixed bag. We stayed about 20 minutes outside San Antoni, which was perfect. Our villa was in a remote setting but due to it being packed full of entertainment gadgetry (outdoor sound system anyone?) it was anything but boring.
We stopped at Cafe del Mar, and Cafe Mambo to watch the sunset, the first was slightly cloudy, but the second time. Wow. I love a sunset, and we were lucky enough to have a beach about ten minutes away, complete with beach bar so we spent a couple of evenings watching the sun go down, and the fire jugglers come out.
Experiencing the superclub Pacha, but VIP style is definitely something I'd recommend. I've never really been into clubbing, but loved having an area to dance, drink and have fun with friends. Other than that, we explored the area near our villa, ate some delicious food (I have a new found addiction to Aioli) and sunbathed. A perfect break away with a great bunch of people.

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