Sunday, 4 May 2014

Super Specs

I love my specs, and tend to mix between them and contacts to give my eyes a break. My old frames were looking a bit tired, so thankfully Firmoo came to the rescue with these gorgeous tortoiseshell beauties.
Big frames are a quick and easy way to change your look without too much fuss. The reaction to my new 'bins' has been mixed. Some love the lighter, bigger frames - others have compared me to a granny, Deidre from Corrie and randomly a mole. But on the whole I love the new glasses, and I love how popular it now seems to wear specs - something of a trend it would seem! But fake ones? No, no, no. Not cool.
After ordering on the 7th April, I received my glasses on the 15th April. Not bad for overseas shipping! There is such a wide selection of frames, and options on how to have yours - additional extras such as super thin or polarised lenses are available and your order is easily personalised.
*I was offered these glasses for review, this is no way sways my opinion*

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