Sunday, 11 May 2014

Heated Rollers v Curling Tongs

Dependent on the look you want to go for, you'll be reaching for tongs or rollers. But when do you use them?
Curling Tongs - these are great for getting a curl without much volume, which often gives a more relaxed finish. You can curl the hair up from the root and pin for volume, but for the majority of time I use my tongs to create loose waves, and curls. Depending on which way you twist hair around the tong you'll get a variation of looks. Curl towards your face for a vintage wave, and away for the typical Lauren Conrad look.
Heated Rollers - work when you want a good amount of volume at the root. They can help give the illusion of a blowdry and I love using them when I'm getting ready for a big night out as you can roll your hair up and leave to cool whilst doing your make up. I often prep hair using rollers if I want a smooth finish with volume which is great for styles such a beehive.
The most important thing to remember with both tools, is that you have to let the hair cool fully before combing or raking through with your fingers. It'll set the curl and mean you won't find the curl drops out as quickly. The science behind the curls is that when heated the bonds break and reform when cooling creating the S shape - the geek in me loves this fact, and I find it fascintating learning about hair structure and how it can be altered to create styles.

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  1. I have never managed to use tongs properly but I loved rollers when my hair was longer, they are so easy to use!

    Maria xxx


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