Friday, 28 March 2014

The 90's Hair Revival

Well you wouldn't want a 80's hair revival  would you!
I remember 90's hair well. Me and my friends would twist, crimp and accessorize our hair. Claire's Accessories stocked the latest in fluffy chopsticks, scrunchies and little plastic butterfly grips - and boy did we use them. I went through a stage of gelling my hair back into a bun, secured with fluffy purple scrunchie, finished with plastic butterflies pinned all over my head and usually the chopsticks rammed through the bun. With front pieces hairsprayed solid infront of my face. And no, you can't see a photo.
There were a few key styles in the 90's that celebs and us lot thought looked great. Copied the Gwen mini buns, or the super popular Rachel from Friends layered look? Yup, me too. And no, you still can't see a photo. We went a little accessory crazy in the 90's but the hair looked fun. Cover the faces of the celebs and you'd still know who they were from the hair - bit more difficult these days with similar stylings.
It seems though that a few of these 'trends' are sneaking back into mainstream hair. Whilst I love the idea of big bouncy supermodel hair making a comeback, here's hoping the chopsticks are reserved for eating not accessorizing. Are you a 90's hair lover, or do you hope the trends are left in the past?
(Also - anyone remember Rimmel Fudge Brownie lippy? Tammy Girl?)

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  1. I still do my hair and use bindis like Gwen. xxx


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