Sunday, 23 March 2014

Snippets #16

Happy Sunday all!
I've just returned from a fly by visit to see my little sis, Crystal, for her birthday weekend. We worked out we've seen each more in the last three months than the last year. Madness! I love popping back, and this time whisked Kristie away with me. A girly night is not complete without one of my bestest friends.
We dined out at Prezzo in Bath last night, and had a few drinkies after in a few bars. For those that have never been to Bath, I'd really recommend for a night out, or maybe a weekend away. There is a great buzz and lots of to do/see/eat.
I gave my fringe a little trim and left it straight. Crystal had her hair styled in loose waves and pinned to one side, and Kristie went for a french braid going into a large braid left over one shoulder. Perfect to keep long hair out of the way. It was a super easy style - just shout if you'd like a tutorial.
So tonight is possibly going to be a takeaway if I can convince Tom. I'm thinking blanket, candles and a lazy evening. Oh and maybe some nice cheese that I may have picked up from the farm shop - dangerous place!

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