Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Review: LUSH Soak and Float Shampoo Bar

When you find a product that helps a specific hair complaint you may be suffering with, I think it's worth sharing. The LUSH Soak and Float Shampoo Bar (£5.50/55g) is that product.
Now, it's not my mane that needed some help this time, Tom was struggling with an itchy scalp and flakiness. He has shoulder length hair (LUSH!) and doesn't really use styling products so he was at a loss as to what was causing his itchy scalp. So, he swished (he's going to kill me for saying that!) his mane all the way to LUSH to find out if they could help. The assistant there personally recommended the Soak and Float Shampoo Bar as she had the same problem and found this worked. A bar and a handy little storage tin later, Tom started using the shampoo bar hoping it'd help. 
It has to be said the Soak and Float Shampoo Bar isn't the prettiest of LUSH products, but it's done wonders for eliminating an itchy, flaky scalp. It lathers really well and contains cade oil which has long been used to treat scalp problems such as psoriasis and eczema. Other scalp helping ingredients in the bar are marigold and rose petals, and the super-duper lavender oil - I always recommend this if people are struggling with their scalp, thanks to its antibacterial qualities.
The smell is very unique. It has a woody, smoky fragrance that is very strong, but once hair is washed doesn't leave any overpowering scent to the hair. I'd describe it as manly - Tom went for rich. 
I've always been a big fan of LUSH products, not just for the pretty, gorgeous smelling bath products, but for the skin caring, hair helping products too. Let me know if you've tried this bar or what your favourite LUSH product is...

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