Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ooh You Crafty So N So

My lovely friend Emily and the company she works for Boardcraft helped me get something I'd wanted for ages! My initials in chunky wooden letters. I'd seen tons in different shops but they were always hugely expensive or a bit flimsy. These chunky letters were perfect.
I've left them for ages in their natural state, but decided to get a little crafty last weekend. I grabbed some Paris map wrapping paper Tom had used for my Valentines Day present and cut into small strips of varying length. Then using some PVA glue I coated the K and started slapping the paper on. A little messy and fiddly in some parts, but worth it I think!
I'm planning to do the L and G in old newspaper and possibly music sheets. Really happy with how my little arts and craft idea went, Kirstie Allsop eat your pom-pom making heart out.


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