Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Man Up!

It's a man's world right? Well, not really but for the purpose of today's post I'm going masculine on my mane. I really like the androgynous look that can be achieved by going short, or faking it. Celebrities have been putting their twist on it for years, going back to Twiggy cropping her hair short in the 60's.
Whilst I'd love to try out super short hair, I realise it doesn't really suit my face shape, or isn't what I want to do at the moment (especially after growing it for ages!) Doesn't mean I can't cheat a bit though - right?
  1. Take hair into three sections. The top crown section running along the head from front to back can be pinned up out the way. The sections to the left and right need to be smoothed back to give a short hair effect. I used Vo5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray.
  2. Pin any access hair flat to the head and fold in to a chignon if required. The smoother the hair sits to the neck the better the short hair illusion. 
  3. Backcomb the top section and play around with it until you are happy with the shape. Pin for hold, or leave loose and add some more hairspray. 

I wanted to keep it quite relaxed and rough and took inspiration from Toni & Guy's Faux Fringe look that was part of the Fashion Fix looks. It took about five minutes to create and I think it'd be a great look for a party or festival as the weather warms up - you could even add a scarf for a vintage look.


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