Thursday, 13 March 2014

Go Shorty...

Lots of celebrities are grabbing the scissors (or their stylists are!) and going short. With a gaggle of hair stylists armed with extensions and hair pieces in case of disaster, it's easy to go for the snip and see if it suits.
I've questioned before the reasoning behind going short, and whether short is sexy. Numerous brides I've done hair for on the big day grew their hair to style, then cut it again after getting married - and we've all heard of the break-over. I'm happy with my longer locks, but do love the current trend of going shorter, bloggers are following suit, and the long ombre manes are being replaced with gorgeous textured mid length and shorter styles.
Would you be brave enough to chop your hair into a blunt bob ala Beyonce, or maybe the buzzcut of Miley?

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  1. I am a fan of the trend as well. I'm a guy and i've even cut back my hair! Short feels great and seems to hold back my hair thinning as well ;)


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