Monday, 31 March 2014

Fringe or Foe

I got a fringe recently. A grown out fringe. But a fringe.
I've dabbled with the forehead blanket a few times but always ended up growing it out, or cursing it daily. Not any more! The beauty of this fringe is that it's meant to look a little 'is she growing it out?' Styling is easy-peasy even with chopping and changing between contacts and glasses (spectacles - the bane of bangs) and it just needs a little trim every now and again to keep things less shaggy dog and more Alexa Chung.
The toolkit. Get some decent scissors. If you really want to trim at home, don't use the kitchen scissors, or nail scissors. You can pick up a pair from Boots at a reasonable cost. If in doubt though, use a salon. Most offer a free fringe trim service.
Round brushes and combs become firm friends when you have a fringe. Mine naturally parts as the day goes on, which doesn't bother me, and I get asked a lot if I purposely style it that way - which a lot of the time I do as why fit your natural hair. 
Dry Shampoo. Fringes naturally will get greasier as they have constant contact with your skin, and often get messed with during the day. Avoiding washing your hair daily can help avoid it becoming greasy as your hair fights to keep natural oil levels up. 

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