Wednesday, 19 February 2014

You & Your Sk:n

As I get older (big 3-0 this year people!) I am noticing fine lines appear on my face, and find I have to make I really look after my skin. When I was younger, I must admit I neglected my skin and didn't really have much of a routine. Luckily I didn't have terrible skin, but now I'm starting to look after myself and my skin thoroughly.
I've thought in the past about using treatments such as botox or a chemical skin peel to help nature along a little, but have always been put off by horror stories in the media. Having done some research for a feature I was writing, I've realised clinics who offer these kind of treatments have come a long way in helping people on the quest for fresher, younger looking skin. One clinic that came up high on search results and who's site I looked at was sk:n. They offer a wide range of treatments and practices all carried out by qualified nurses, doctors and consultants. It's so important to make sure the clinic you visit if you do decide to have a treatment is safe.
Now, the chemical peel cost varies based on what you decide to have, but you can book a consultation to discuss further with sk:n. They also offer Acne Scar Treatment, and Laser Tattoo Removal. Something else I'm thinking of doing as I'm not 100% keen on my foot tattoo from a few years back.
With clinics all over the UK, it's definitely worth having a look at the sk:n site if you are looking at getting some work done. They also have a lot of articles with tons of advice and information regarding skin treatments, along with celebrity stories on treatment they've had. Whilst not for everyone, clinics like this offer help to those who may feel insecure about their appearance and if they can be helped with a minor non-invasive treatment then why not!
Would you have any treatment like a chemical peel? Have you ever had treatment done in the past?
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