Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hair History: Miley Cyrus

Before Miley started twerking and licking tools she was Hannah Montana, copied and adored by children worldwide. Looking through the years it's probably one of my favourite transformations. From honey highlights to a buzz cut. Brave if nothing else!
First up it's the Miley we all know as Hannah Montana, school kid by day, popstar by night. Miley was the stereotypically teen, with an unoffensive look. Long extensions in, and different shades as the years went by. From a heavily highlighted long and straight style to more mermaid-esque waves in darker Auburn, it was kept long and I have to say the amount of hair slightly swamped Miley's features.
Miley went for a shorter bob style in 2012, and I have to say it's my favourite look. The colouring is stunning, and the cut looked great in a big blow out, or worn in vintage waves.
When she first posted this picture, celebrity gossip sites went crazy as it was such a transition for the popstar. The short crop with undercut and bleached blonde was a polar opposite to the longer, much more mainstream styling we were used to. She then went even shorter with a buzz cut - I loved the Billy Idol influenced colour but thought the cut was far too harsh for her face shape.
Miley has grown the crop slightly and whilst still poking her tongue out, she's gone for a softer approach with her hair and I thought it looked great.
There have been some unfortunate styling slip ups though. Scott from 5ive spikes - really Miley??
To the present day, Miley has been spotted out and about with what can only be described as a 'bowl cut' Think Lloyd in Dumb & Dumber, or the kid in primary school who's mum cut his hair. We've all had the awkward growing out stage so I imagine Miley is about to change her look again.
Chris McMillan must love having a client who is willing to take such risks with her hair 
- very different to his other top client Jennifer Aniston!

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