Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Goodbye 2013...

Farewell 2013.
2013 for me was a huge year. A year of change, and as cheesy as it sounds finding myself and realising that I wasn't the person I'd been made to believe I was. I've met new friends, conquered new challenges and got myself a boyfriend who has made me feel like me.
Work this year has really taken off and I've been lucky enough to work with French Connection, BT, and Maison Rouge to mention but a few. I've found a good balance between writing and hairstyling and I've proven to those who thought I couldn't do it that I bloody well can! And hope to continue building a solid career in 2014.
I do feel sad to have lost two of the most precious things in my life this year. Having to let go of Holly & Percie was a massive blow for me, and although I understand why, I still think of them every single day and miss having them in my life.
No New Year resolutions for me this year, just the same as I always wish. That the coming year will be a happy and healthy one for not only me, but my loved ones and friends.

So what does 2014 hold? 
Who knows, but I'll be heading into the New Year feeling super happy, confident and most of smiling. 
Bring on the fun!

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