Friday, 6 December 2013

Hair Envy: Fearne Cotton

Now Fearne is a bit like Marmite to many, some love her, some, well we all know what the other option is. Personally I love her, her style and hair are fantastic and after following her Instagram I waited patiently after seeing a picture with snippets of hair lying on the floor.
I thought Fearne looked great with a longer bob style, and I loved how versatile she made it by waving, texturising and straightening. It gave all of us mid-length ladies hope that our hair wasn't just inbetween short and long. Fearne obviously thought the same, as she had her stylist cut off around 3/4 inches of hair to rest just on her shoulders.
Also, can I please get that black leather dress!! Gorgeous! and I love the messy, textured hair with one side slightly curled around. I actually want Fearne's hair. The colour, the cut, the style. *reaches for bleach*
My hair is getting well past my shoulders now, and I'm thinking about cutting it. Never learn do we!!

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