Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Avoid a Beastly Beard

I have a keen interest in beards. On men of course! I'm not saying a man has to have a beard for me to like him but it does attract my attention. They have to be groomed and well looked after, and thankfully Trevor Sorbie have come to the rescue of any beard that's starting to look a little grizzly.
Think this gives me a good opportunity to leer take a look at some of my favourite celebrity beards. Simon Neil. Hello!!
The Mg range will help keep beards looking beautiful and avoid any Stig of the dump moments. The Two in One Shampoo (£5.50) will keep hair soft and the Trevor Sorbie Wash Style and Trim Christmas Kit (£20.00) has this and some trimmers to keep every hair in place.
And my favourite bearded gent? Why of course it's this guy...

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