Thursday, 7 November 2013

Short Sharp Shock

So Jennifer Aniston has gone short again - and caused many a debate to spring up whether we preferred her long locks or blunt bob. But hold the hair phone, another Jennifer has been getting busy with the scissors, going for an even more dramatic look.
Jennifer Lawrence showed off a Michelle Williams-esque crop on her Facebook page and it has her fans split over whether or not it was a good move. Jennifer decided to go for the chop after it got to that 'awkward gross length' (we've all been there Jen)
I have to say I like it. Jennifer is lucky enough to suit long or short hair, thanks to her oval faceshape and the cut is textured and choppy, perfect for wearing sleek if she wants a high impact look, or roughed up for a more casual look.
Fancy going short? Here are some top tips to get short style success...

  • Try pinning hair up leaving pieces around the front to see if short hair will suit. Tuck lengths to sit as close to the head as possible, and take photos to see if you like your look from different angles. 
  • Look at your hair texture, if you have thick hair make sure your short style is layered to take out bulk. It'll help avoid a heavy style that can look shapeless.
  • The pixie crop is the most daring of short styles, and suits most, those with round face shapes often suit this style, as it adds volume at the top of the head, helping elongate features. Avoid if you have a long face.
  • Go for asymmetric longer lengths at the front to frame face if you nervous about losing length all over. 

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