Monday, 7 October 2013

Salon International Interview: Errol Douglas

One of my favourite stylists, Errol Douglas talks about all things Salon International, his inspiration and preparation for this year. If you are heading to Salon International you can find Errol on the Fellowship stage - well worth checking out!
Who would you most like to collaborate with at Salon International?
I would love to work with Angelo Seminara. We are always on the phone and throwing ideas around, it would be unique to be on stage together and officially collaborate.

How do you prepare for Salon International?
I have some of the best assistants in the industry and I always work with my assistants to make sure my session bag is packed and organised. I always bring more then I will need but then it allows me to be as creative as possible and have as many tools to do so. Whatever I do at Salon International is worked out with mood boards, and with anyone I might be collaborating with. It takes a lot of time to make sure a show is successful and appealing and I invest a lot of time into this to ensure it happens every time.
What's your must see stand, presentation or event at Salon International?
The Fellowship Stage and HJ Stage. You get the most variety with people on the stage and get some of the most creative people in the industry on them. You can sit and watch their stages all day because they are scheduled to have various people on that will all inspire in different ways.

What's your top tip for anyone attending Salon International?
Give yourself as much time as possible and talk to as many people as possible. You can get some fantastic opportunities in this industry from just being social at these events and talking to people.

What's on the agenda for you when the exhibition is over?
Get right back into the salon and working with the team. Throw ideas around that we picked up at Salon international. Working with my product range and developing the next big thing.

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