Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Nose Piercing: The Good, The Bad and The Bump

Back in August I had my nose pierced, something I'd always wanted to do, but always chickened out of doing. I thought I'd do a little follow up to tell you all about the healing process and give some advice to those out there who may be struggling with the same piercing problems I had.
Now I love how the piercing looks, and was so pleased with it. Sure it hurt being done but the pain soon went and it didn't swell or look too red. I went to a party on the same day I had my piercing done and no one noticed it was 'fresh'
I took the piercer's advice and covered my freshly studded nose overnight to avoid any knocks and made sure I kept on top of cleaning and really looking after it. Unfortunately being the clumsy fool I am, I managed to knock it twice in a couple of days - and boy did it hurt!
After a couple of days went past I noticed a bump had appeared on the side of the piercing that was getting bigger and looking nastier. At first I thought I had an infection but realised after some research it was in fact hypertrophic scarring (The Dreaded Bump) Not particularly easy to get rid of, and pretty common in piercings. I think because the piercer had to redo my nose after 'dropping the stud' it had caused much more trauma to my nose meaning I got this scarring.
I read that Aspirin paste helped calm the hypertrophic scarring and thought I'd give it a go. I'm so glad I did, in two days my bump has reduced in size and looks so much better. I've been using the paste once a day for five minutes at a time and I'm so impressed with how it's helped. I wish I'd taken some pictures of the bump to show the results, however take my word for it, it's worked. I get to keep my piercing (soon to be changed for a hoop) and all it took was some 24p Aspirin from Boots.
My top tips for getting a nose piercing...

  • Never go to a piercer who uses a gun. It should always be a needle. The pressure of using a gun can mean the stud sits too tight - meaning massive risk of infection and problems. 
  • Don't take it out until it's fully healed - I'm planning to go to a piercer to change mine, as it's a corkscrew stud, so I know it'll be fiddly.
  • Keep the piercing clean using cotton wool buds and a little salt water solution. Be sure not to overclean the area.
  • Watch out when using make up around the piercing site. This can cause infection and irritation.
  • If you are prone to fidgeting quite a bit in your sleep, keep it covered with a plaster. No chance of catching it and causing problems. 


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  2. I really desperately want to get mine done but my boyfriend is really against it... I think I might have to do it anyway and hope that once it's in he won't care as much as he thinks he will! Looks really lovely on you, I'm grateful for the advice since even on the great Internet there isn't a huge amount of information.

    1. Ah I think they look great, sure he'll love it once it's done. :) Anymore questions just shout. x

  3. You look great now. It is better to use Natural Organic Care products to avoid any allergy. Companies are using chemicals in their body care products which are destroying the benefits of natural ingredients.

  4. I'm would love to get mine done but I'm too scared. Once its healed, can you take it out say for a couple of weeks (like earrings) or would it close up? I'm also worries that if I didn't like it, how bad the scar would be.

    1. If you take it out and leave it out that long it will close up, I usually take mine out for a few hours or so then pop it back in. It'd hurt and probably look a bit sore if you left it then tried getting it back in again. The hole isn't that big, and I don't think you'd really notice the scar if you didn't like it. Go for it! :)

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