Friday, 11 October 2013

Graff Diamonds Hair and Jewel Ad Campaign

This ad campaign stopped me in my tracks. I was blown away by how incredibly beautiful the hair was, dripping with Graff Diamonds but twisted and roped into such a gorgeous updo.
The 'old-school glamour' of the look made me think of Elizabeth Taylor, and it's inspired me hugely for my next shoot. The original ad campaign shot in the 1970's featured $1 million dollars worth of jewels adorning the model, this recreation to celebrate Laurence Graff's 60th anniversary as a diamond jeweler featured $500 million dollars (Incredible...I'd imagine security was pretty tight on the shoot!)
The styling of the hair also reminds me of Geisha Girls, with an Avant Garde twist. There is a great video of the campaign shoot on the Graff website which I've watched about ten times. This is show-stopping hair at its best. And makes me want most of the Graff website. Not good. Diamonds are a girls best friend though...

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