Monday, 2 September 2013

Snippets #9

Another really busy one this weekend! I headed back to the West Country to celebrate a 30th Birthday and see my Dad's new place. Along with getting a new piercing. As you do!
It was my sister's boyfriend Paul's 30th, so to celebrate we had a big party. Complete with cake and balloons. And of course lots of silly dancing. It was lovely to see all the family and spend some time with them - more than a few drinks and some late night cheese on toast ensured a good time was had by all.
On the Sunday we went further into the Countryside and took a trip to Dad's new place in Devon. It's a beautiful farmhouse complete with stunning views. Needless to say I'm ready to pack up my belongings and head down there to live a life of relaxation and stroll through the fields...just need to find the funds to support my new chilled lifestyle.
I also fancied a little image change - so off I went to the lady who gave me my first tattoo and my Tragus piercing who very kindly pierced my nose. Not going to lie, it hurt, but the pain soon subsides. Really pleased with it, and can't wait to change to a little loop.
Happy to do a post about it, and looking after it, if anyone is interested?
This weekend is very hectic, as is the weekend, but it's all work which makes Kelly a very dull girl! Good to start building up those funds but for heavens sake I need some fun.
Do have a date though. Oooohhhweeeoooo! 


  1. Your nose looks awesome, would love to hear more about it, am tempted to get mine pierced!

    Maria xxx

  2. You look fantastic, love those blue nails too! Have fun later! xxx


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