Thursday, 12 September 2013

Kelly's Got A Brand New Pad

As many of you know, I moved into my own place in May. I've been so busy but have managed to squeeze some home-making time in-between and I'm loving how it's coming along. Thought I'd share as I'm quite proud of my little home.
I picked up these prints from The Pressing Pigeon on Etsy to go in my living room. Bit of a sucker when it comes to prints that have quotes. I'd cover my home with them if I could. These are a little different, and I love the 'eye chart' style. Guess the quote?...
The crates have got a lot of attention from visitors. I picked them up from eBay, and stacked them to create shelving. Shelving that holds all my various bits and pieces - all have sentimental value and I love how personal my space is looking. A couple I had spare have made a nice little table. And they double as packing material when I eventually move into my huge-crumbling-country retreat.
Last but by no means least, a little hallway table* from Out There Interiors. This is on the website as a bedstand table but I'd been looking for a small table so the Antique Style Slim Black Nightstand was a perfect fit. Delivery was quick, and the item was packaged well (it took me a good ten minutes to get into it!)  and the quality of the table and detailing is beautiful. Currently my peace lily is sitting atop the table, but I'm looking to get a lamp. Needless to say, I've fallen in love with quite a few pieces from Out There Interiors so my birthday list is ever growing, you can check out the site here.
A couple of strange things have happened since I've moved in. The first few nights I was there, a picture in my hallway fell twice - exactly the same time both nights, and didn't break. It missed the storage heater directly underneath and landed upright next to it. The other evening a vase full of flowers ended up on my living room floor. No stems broken, but all in a bunch next to the upturned vase. Odd. I don't feel scared by it happening, and like to think it's my Nanny Jean just keeping an eye on things and saying hello - just wish she wouldn't wake me up with a start in the middle of the night!


  1. Out There are great, aren't they? So much to drool over! Love those crates and share similar spooky goings on in our house, too! x

  2. Your house looks lovely, I LOVE that table!

    Maria xxx


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