Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Inspirational Instagram

It's all good for selfies, and a plate of pretty food or two but I love Instagram for the inspiration it gives me, and hair drooling I can do. If you aren't following this little lot, go find them - wanting to change your hair on a daily basis is a dangerous side effect however.
BLEACH. The London based hair salon with a rainbow variety of colour and some amazing styling. Follow their Instagram for the latest looks coming out of the salon.
HJi (or Hairdressers Journal) if you are a stylist, or just love hair, this is one account you'll want to be following. The industry insiders have the latest on all hair - whether it's products, stylists or events they are ready to snap away so you can keep up to date. Rachael Gibson's LFW updates were amazing, and I was glued to their Instagram waiting for the next backstage scoop.
Hair Romance is one of my favourite sites. I love Christina and her amazing styles. I follow her Instagram (and blog, and Twitter) for inspiration and hair news. Often getting more than a little hair envy at her braids, curls and twists.
Who do you love to follow on Instagram? Any recommendations?

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