Friday, 2 August 2013

Speccy Styling

I mix between wearing contacts and glasses on a regular basis, due to being at a computer some days, and being covered in hairspray the next. Styling your hair around your facial wear can be a logistical nightmare - ever trapped hair in your specs and ripped out some strands when taking them off? Ouch.
When wearing contacts, the world is your hair oyster, but with specs come a whole new hairball game.
Fringe or Foe?
I love a fringe, but they can't half get in the way when you are wearing glasses. And don't even get me started on the kink glasses can give your fringe from it resting on your frames. Avoid this by picking frames that let your fringe fall on your face - try on as many as possible to find your perfect match. And if you alternate like me, try working on different styles for your fringe, twist and pin, or if long enough plait to keep out of the way.

Lip & Whip
Hair + Sticky lipgloss = A spectacular disaster (see what I did there, specs, spectacular...I'll get my coat) There is nothing worse - hairspray coming a close second, than getting lipgloss on glasses. If you are wearing your hair down with your specs stick to a lip stain, or balm to avoid a stick up.

Keep it up
I find the easiest way to cope with wearing glasses is to keep my hair up. At the moment I'm favouring a scruffy up do which takes about two minutes to throw up in the morning, if you have shorter hair adjust to suit your length, or pin up and add some clip in hair to give yourself a different style.

I'm currently deciding on some new specs, and have been using Glasses Direct and their fantastic home trial service to decide. Think I've chosen my favourites - can you guess?

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  1. These glasses are awesome, I love the cat eye ones!

    Maria xxx


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