Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Snippets #7

Good work Mother Nature. Keep it up. 
This week has been a pretty quiet one, I've been working lots and catching up on my writing work - and getting my diary organised. Even with an iPhone, iPad, AND filofax I still manage to double book myself. I need a PA - or to work on actually checking my schedule. 
In very exciting news last week I picked up my car. It's a little Vauxhall Agila, and he's called Keith. After being without a car for 4 months, it is such a relief to finally have my own set of wheels. I was beginning to run out of friends who were happy to collect my parcels each week from the post office.
The weekend was a mix of working in the pub (people turn into complete boozehounds in this weather - myself included!) and enjoying the glorious weather. I visited Stowe Gardens on Saturday for a wander in the sun and then popped to my local for the sun. Ha!
I also managed to create some prom hair this week, simple curled style with the front sections twisted back and pinned. I LOVE doing bridal and prom hair as it is always exciting to be part of a big day. And you get to do pretty things to hair.
In work news - I had the opportunity to style the models hair for the French Connection Range Review recently. Working with a massive brand such as French Connection was amazing, and I'll hopefully have some images from the show to let you all have a look at soon. Needless to say, I want most of the new range coming out - including an amazing coat (madness to think about in this weather I know)
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  1. This weather is just glorious, long may it last! Happy new car and fab hair do's, those curls rock! x

    1. :) I hope so! Love the sun, makes everyone so happy.


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