Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review: Schwarzkopf got2b beach matt texturising salt spray

I've been trying another product favourite of mine recently, and had to share as it's definitely up there with the best. If you usually find sea salt sprays leave your hair feeling a bit, well, sea-weedy then read on...

Does it do what it promises?

Want to feel like you just stepped off the sand with that windblown, tousled beach look? got2b beach matt texturising salt spray gives your hair beachy waves - mermaid-style! The salt infused formula provides you with hair full of texture and a tousled finish anytime you want and all without the crunch! Now you can rock mermaid waves all year long, even when the beach is nowhere to be seen!
I've been using this and plaiting hair, blow drying or leaving to dry naturally, then unravelling to give a soft wave in my hair. It's also great for adding a bit more 'oomph' to curls, in the past I've used dry shampoo for hold and texture but do find it can dry my hair. However spraying this through encourages my natural curl and helps hold curls longer.

Would I get it again?
Personally for me I prefer a lot more texture and don't mind that 'gritty' feel to the hair, so I'd stick to my Bumble and bumble spray. However, if you hate that product feel, then this is a definite yes for you. It works well for curls and waves, and if you are going away on holiday or to a festival spraying this through hair before styling would help to give you an effortlessly gorgeous texture.
It's light enough to work for ladies who have thin hair, and as I've mentioned it doesn't leave a residue in the hair. Ideal for spritzing at a festival and avoiding product build up if you are away from a shower.

Anything else?
Slightly random, but I love the shape of the bottle, it's easy to keep hold of. May sound daft but definitely helps.
Value for money, it's not bad at £4.05 (in Superdrug) for 200ml. I have hair just below my shoulders (Wahoo it's growing!) and I know the bottle will last a fair will as you only need a couple of blasts for beachy waves.

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