Thursday, 18 July 2013

Review: Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

Now unless you've been hiding under a dry hair rock, you'll be well aware of Moroccanoil and it's super duper hair helping powers. If not, you can click here and have a little read about Argan Oil and what it does.
I'm a big fan of this oil, and often give my hair a pamper by using a little of the oil on my damp, freshly washed mid-lengths and ends. Just comb through, wrap up and leave overnight for a nourishing treat, or use a couple of drops before blow drying, and heat styling.
It's a rich oil, so a little goes a long way, and a bottle will last ages. I definitely notice a difference using this, and with promises that it reduces blow drying time by up to 50% you can certainly see why it's still a very popular product with a lot of other brands bringing out their own ranges.
If you suffer flyaways and frizz, it's great for rubbing a little between your fingers and taming hair. I have used this previously on shoots when the hair needs to look glossy and with no sneaky little strands making a break for freedom.
Those with fine hair, just find the amount that suits, it's a little trial and error with products at times, but get it right and it'll give you all the benefits without the heavy result you get through using too much. This is a great product for those with curly, thick hair and if you are still on the ombre wagon, it's fantastic for treating those bleached ends.

I got my Moroccanoil through Amazing Hair, where they have the full range of Moroccanoil products, along with a whole other heap of hair and beauty goodies, all at very reasonable prices.

*I was sent the Moroccanoil for review purposes, but truly believe in the product and as always my review is honest.*

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