Friday, 5 July 2013

Maison Rouge and Me...

My hairstyling work means I often get the opportunity to work with some great up and coming, and established brands on shoots, and it's part of the job I really love. I'm very lucky to be able to combine two passions in a career that'll keep me on my toes. It's psychically and mentally exhausting at times but I can't complain - even when I've bounced my kit bag off my foot for the fifth time in an hour and tripped head-first over a styling tool cable.
Brands are often open to your ideas and want advice on themes and inspirations they may have, get me talking about hair and you'll be there all day. And I'll also get completely over animated and start throwing my hands around (been told I do this a lot - along with getting more West Country) One way I love to gather inspiration and ideas is by creating a board for each job. This will be full of pictures ripped from pages of magazines (no magazine is safe - keep them away!) and scribblings of notes of ideas that pop into my head.
Pinterest is also fantastic for inspiration and creating boards you can share with other members of the team before shoots and shows. I need to get pinning more, but have been warned it's fairly addictive.

One brand I hope to be working with soon are Maison Rouge. They are looking for a hairstylist to work with them on a shoot and become their official 'Face of'. An opportunity I'd absolutely love! Always on the lookout for a new challenge and styling work, the more varied the better. They are also looking for a male and female to model for them! Exciting stuff all round.

So big favour lovely readers. Could you click here and vote for me? I'm under KLG Hair. Obviously!

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