Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hair Envy: Kim Sears

Sure most of us watched and cheered as Andy Murray finally got his hands on the Wimbledon trophy, a great game and another great moment for British sport. Whilst I was more than happy watching those fuzzy yellow balls being batted back and forth, I was a little jealous of someone else watching. Step forward Andy Murray's girlfriend Kim Sears, and her wonderful hair.
It's very Kate Middleton, and whilst looking full of bounce, looked pretty effortless and casual. This is all about keeping hair in great condition, and the perfect blow dry. The colour is great for her skin tone and is low maintenance with a hint of golden caramels and blondes running through the hair.
Also special mention on her outfit, which was just as beautiful, and by Victoria Beckham I believe (correct me if I'm wrong fashion fans!)
I'm keeping up my hair care routine in the hope my hair one day reaches this length. More on this soon...
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  1. Her hair is just gorgeous, always styled right and suits her so much x



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