Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Gym Hair. Work it out!

Some things just don't go together. Fruit sauces with savoury (just don't - it's wrong) Flip flops and socks (yes I've seen it tried) Small handbags and me (ain't going to happen - vive la giant bag!) You get the picture. Hair and going to the gym fits into this category. I go to the gym about 4/5 times a week and unlike some ladies there who seem to think a full face of make up and wedge trainers are the standard uniform for working out, my only concern is my hair - and falling off the rowing machine (it's happened. Hilarious for all those surrounding me. And I did drop the F bomb)
I don't like to wash my hair as often as I go to the gym - and if I work out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that means I'd wash my hair every night after going. Not good for my hair. I'm an evening gym bunny, me in the gym early in the morning is asking for trouble, for all concerned.
Gym styles that work for me are braids, and using headbands. Both of which keep hair off my face and neck - can NEVER understand those that wear their hair down in the gym. Why?!
Avoid using too many pins and grips in your gym styles, they just come loose and you end up pinging them across the gym after an overenthusiastic lateral pull. Ladies who have shorter hair styles, or fringes, twist and pin them out of the way. Criss cross the grips for a tighter hold. Oh and make sure you put them in the right way!
Once you've finished your work out, give hair a good spray with dry shampoo and blast under the hand dryer (or use one of those hair dryer things if your gym has one!) this will help freshen hair up. I've also found running some Lee Stafford Ddouble Blow Mousse through dry hair, then blasting with a hand dryer helps give hair a boost, and also gives it a great scent.
So my survival kit for my hair? A few products and accessories that keep me and my hair on good terms. And my ass slightly less wobbly thanks to being able to go to the gym.


  1. I never know what to do with my hair at the gym, it tends to just go into a topknot...

    Maria xxx

  2. I loved this post! Tried to comment on it at the time, but for some reason I couldn't on my ipad. I have just started running and going to the gym, and was having concerns about not wanting to wash my hair too much. I'm glad that you don't think you need to wash your hair after every session, cos I really don't want to.
    Also, never knew that about kirbies!

    Anna x


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