Monday, 22 July 2013

Bump & Hair...

Not wanting to try and tie in hair products with getting the Kate Middleton 'pregnancy look' I thought I'd offer some advice for those who are expecting and how to care for your hair whilst waiting for him or her to arrive...hopefully not with a crowd of paps camped outside your house/hospital/birthing pool.

Colour or not?
This is a tough one, there isn't an awful lot of research about colouring hair when pregnant, however with the recent breakthroughs with colours containing a lot less nasty chemicals and ingredients it's becoming a safer hair routine to follow through pregnancy. Experts do still say to wait until after the 12 week mark, and to go for treatments that won't go directly onto the scalp - highlights are fine. It's also really important to remember that you hair will be going through some changes due to hormone levels changing, so even if it's the same colour you've always used, it's wise to do a strand test to make sure you are going to get the right result.

Glowy & Growing
The boost of hormones racing around your body and nutrients being taken by bump can mean your hair texture and condition can change pretty dramatically. Some have noticed a boost in growth, and thickness of hair, whilst some have noticed more hair shedding, dull hair and frizz. It's important to ensure you get a good mix of nutrients you'll need more of, one being iron. Many pregnant ladies can often be lacking in the Popeye department so get some rich iron-based foods in you.

I know a lot of new mums that chopped their hair short as they thought it'd be easier to deal with whilst they contended with a baby. It's worth making sure that your hair texture and type will be suitable for a shorter style, talk to your stylist and if you are going to need to straighten or blow dry your hair every day if it's shorter then is it really worth the snip? Longer hair can easily be thrown up into a ponytail.

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