Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Big Night In - Glastonbury Festival Style

The Monday evening after Glastonbury festival weekend, I rounded up the girls and decided to throw a little festival in my living room. I couldn't make it to Glastonbury this year and through being thoroughly jealous I thought I'd throw my own. Sadly I couldn't secure any headline acts and didn't have enough space for my own Stone Circle but I made do thanks to
I decided to help out with some festival hair - so plaits of all varieties and relaxed curls and waves were definitely summer styles worth going for. Unfortunately I managed to lose my memory card which had all my photos on (along with my holiday photos- sob!) so I've picked out some of my favourite festival styles I've seen on celebs. Easy to recreate and look great even after you've been dancing around and not washed for a few days. I'll be trying a few of these for Boardmasters in August.
Spotify helped me sort out the Glasto inspired playlist - something for everyone from Jumpin' Jack Flash to I Will Wait. Seriously obsessed with Spotify at the moment, recently discovered a few new bands I'm loving, more of this another time.
And let's not forget food and drink! Typical festival feast of burgers with a variety of toppings and hot dogs all washed down with some cider. In plastic cups of course. Oh and maybe a sneaky Hendricks.
So not a bad night in! How would you spend your night in?
(currently in pants with a fan pointed at you if UK temps are anything to go by - I LOVE it!)

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  1. I used to love watching Glasto on the telly but being there for real is so much better! xxx


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