Saturday, 29 June 2013

Snippets #6

This weekend will be mainly spent working. Not content with working full time, hair styling and writing, I'm doing a few shifts in the local pub. It's easy work and I love the social element of it - plus I love making cocktails and lining up shots. The money saved will be going towards a trip to Cambodia, and hopefully a jaunt to Lyon this year. Much more travel planned though, have the need to explore - and it's always good to have extra money for shoes isn't it!
With my little bit of spare time, I have managed to get my desk space sorted at home, no more writing on the floor. It's so nice having my own little space that I'm slowly organising. Takes time and money doesn't it! The rest of the place is looking good, and I'll be doing a 'home' post soon so you can have a little nose into where I live. And perhaps a little house tour video on YouTube! Get me!
Oh and news that GFC will officially close in July means you'll have to find other ways to follow Hair Advice (& All Things Nice) but luckily for you, below are the ways you can follow and keep up to date with all that goes lucky devils.
Bloglovin - Definitely my favourite way to follow a lot of blogs.
Facebook - I update my Facebook page with links to new blog posts, but I'd love to know what else you like to see on blog Facebook pages - let me know!
Twitter - I tweet a lot. From links to new blog posts to commuter woes, with a little random thrown in. If I don't follow you on twitter already, leave your twitter handles below and I can say hello.
Instagram - I take a lot of photos. I have to restrain myself at times from posting a lot on Instagram. Tons of hair stuff, food, and of course selfies.
Youtube - Something I'll be working on a lot in the next few months. Tutorials, reviews and random videos. I'd love to do some more 'lifestyle' videos, and if I can sort it, a vlog would be great for you to see what I get up to. Certainly wouldn't be boring with the million things going on at the moment!

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