Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Humidity + Hair = Monica Cornrows

'Everyone is leaving here with someone else but us!'
'That's not true, I came here with Monica and I'm leaving with Weird Al'

Humid climes are a nightmare for some of us. It creates a hair monster so big and untameable even top stylists would weep into their kit bag.
So first up, the science behind the frizz. Humid weather affects hair due to the moisture in the air. Strands suck up the moisture causing hair to expand, losing its shape. The humidity can also cause hair to become dry and porous meaning you get that the frizzy look.

Rather than getting some cornrows ala Monica, it's worth trying out the following to fight the frizz...
Deep Conditioning Treatments are great at giving hair all the moisture it needs to avoid it becoming dry, introduce one to your haircare routine twice a week and you should notice a difference to frizz.  
Read the label of shampoo and conditioners, look for words like moisturising, or hydrating as these will work best on your hair
Don't rub hair with a towel after washing, you'll damage hair whilst at it's most fragile and the cuticle will be raised meaning it's open to absorb more of that humidity. Blot or leave wrapped up in a towel to remove any access water. 
Know your products and how to use them, serums and finishing cremes are fantastic for helping in the frizz battle, avoid weighing hair down by using sparingly and building up to find the perfect amount for you. 
Work with what you've got, don't battle and overuse the heat styling tools, it'll only end up making hair dry and more prone to frizz. 

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  1. I've got a sixth tip - dye it black! My hair was horrendous whenever I travelled long haul as a blonde, now it's sleek and ready to go at all times. x


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